About Laura Kelly

Hi, I’m Laura Kelly.  Welcome to The Next 50 Years!

Have you ever had one of those moments when you realized that right here, right now is all that you ever really have? When I was 47 years old and pondering the fact that I was almost 50, a totally mind-blowing concept at the time, it dawned on me that I may never get to travel the world; that I most likely will not be rich and famous; that I may not ever find the perfect man for me; and that one day I am going to leave this world.

You might think that left me feeling a little hopeless and distressed. Not at all! It actually had the opposite effect on me. Since 2013 I have been on a mission to find meaning and joy in everyday life.  Luckily, I am not without help.  Friends and family help me to see the value in the things around me. There is nothing like someone you care about calling you out on your bad attitude or agreeing to try zip lining so you don’t have to go it alone!  By the way, if you have never tried zip lining, it is very fun and not nearly as scary as it looks.

I am an elementary school music teacher, flutist, hiker, animal lover, and workout enthusiast. Education and learning are two of my greatest passions. I believe we are all on a spiritual journey and this life is a gift for us to be able to learn and grow. As part of my journey I hope to learn to live life to the fullest and find joy even in the simplest of things. It is my mission to leave my little corner of the world a better place because I lived this life.

I invite you to grab a cup of coffee, a cup of tea, a cold beer- whatever makes you happy- and join me in finding adventure, happiness, and meaning in everyday life.

Talk to you soon,



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