Finding Joy In The New School Year

Ah, summer.

 I have my summer routine down. Coffee with my sis, trips to the mountains and hiking, paddleboarding, workouts, taking care of  appointments, playing my flute, enjoying my home and spoiling my cat, Gracie.. Such contentment can only mean one thing. Yep, time to go back to work. A new school year and a new season. 

I have always considered it lucky that as an educator I get an extra “new year”. An extra reset and fresh start each August. I get a heads up that even though the temperature says we are smack dab in the middle of summer, things are subtly beginning to change. 

This week, I will have  meetings galore and classroom organizing. Next week the halls will be filled with bright eyes, new shoes, and backpacks holding freshly sharpened pencils and notebooks that have never been used. The magic will last about a week. Yet, sometimes a week is all we need to remember the excitement of a fresh start. 

It is because of this love of fresh starts that I was surprised this morning to realize I was not as excited as I  would expect to be . In fact,  I was unusually sad that I was not going to have my summer Monday routine of working out with my trainer and then meeting my sis for coffee. After reflecting on my feelings, I realized it was more than a reluctance to give up my summer freedoms that had me a little blue. I was beginning to realize that my Monday routine gave a sense of stability to my week. A sense of stability that none of us have had an abundance of over the past year and a half. I realized that I was heading back into the uncertainty of a Covid 19 Delta variant school year . Once I realized this, I felt so much more in control. I can go with the flow once I know that is going to be what is required. LOL.

This new school year is going to require some grace and intentional joy. Grace to myself, my students, and my administration as we navigate another year of uncertainty. Joy in everyday pleasures and rituals to ensure that I show up my best for everyone. Joy in morning coffee, the drive to work, the sound of  4th graders learning to play recorders. Joy in playing the flute, working out, and peaceful evenings at home.

Happy new school year to me and all my fellow educators and lifelong learners. I am sure we will have a few surprises along the way but I have a feeling it is going to be a great year!

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