Summer Update

Summer break is coming to an end.

I am taken aback by how quickly the past several months have passed. 

It has been a while since I have sat down to blog. Life has been good but I have definitely had a writing block, a lack of direction, and wondering how I want to progress in this hobby that brings me such joy. I believe it is time just to jump in and start blogging again. Hopefully, I will start to see my direction as I continue to write.

So, what have I been up to the past several months? Well, I finished up the most unique year of teaching I have ever experienced. Masks, face shields, online teaching for some students, in person education for others. It was a challenge for all of us; teachers, administration, students and parents alike.  Working together,we made it!

When summer came, fully vaccinated, I breathed a big sigh of relief. I held back on trying to travel this vacation due to the large numbers of travelers and uncertainty about how possible restrictions would affect travel plans. Thankfully, I live in Colorado, a truly beautiful state with lots of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Creating a relaxing summer included leisurely coffee dates with my sis, bike rides, paddle boarding, a bit of binge watching, and lots of hiking. I had a huge goal of  climbing my second 14ner, Mt. Sherman, this summer. With my summer hiking buddies Jen and Lauris at my side, we made it to the summit of mount Sherman this past Monday, July 26th. Yay! It was a lot of work and a difficult hike but it is amazing what we can do with a little help from our friends. 🙂

With less than two weeks before I am back to work, it is time to shift my schedule and my priorities. Covid has changed not only how I look at my career but how I handle my time off work as well. While the weather is nice I will need my weekend adventures and outdoor timeI i will  need my creative outlets. I will need my physical fitness routines. Most of all, I will need my down time for my mental health. I am going to aim to be in balance so that I can be my best for the students and everyone I care about. 

Well that about sums up my past several months. Wish me luck in rediscovering my writing voice and direction. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by the blog.

Until next time,


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