Time to Create A February Retreat

Happy Monday!

If you are in an area of the country like me, it is a very frigid Monday, indeed!

I am loving today. It is President’s day and I have the day off. This morning, I slept in late, chatted with my sis, snuggled with my kitty, and drank some coffee as I puttered around the house. I even connected with two long lost relatives I didn’t even realize I had until yesterday. However, that is another story for another day.

I needed a day of complete rest very badly. It is rather ironic that in this age of quarantine we can still be in need of down time. Now, this is just my opinion, but maybe it is a sign of just how overstretched many of us have become over the years. I know I am guilty of having too much on my plate and not really wanting to give anything up. Having everything closed is one way to get my attention. LOL. So here I am on President’s day smiling as I sit on the couch with Gracie, my cat, by my side. 

February is a great time to schedule a retreat, spa day, movie binge or any other type of relaxing activity that soothes the mind. I was thinking of this yesterday when I realized I would not be taking Ash Wednesday off this year for the first time in many years. It is not practical to ask for a sub at this time with Covid going on. Usually on Ash Wednesday I would receive ashes in the morning and spend the rest of the day journaling, reflecting, praying, and listening to talks about Lent.  No news, gym, flute choir or any of my usual activities. Just me and my ponderings, and prayers. 

Now, I realize for many of my readers that may sound darn boring. For others it may sound a bit curious or intriguing. I would like to stress that a day to yourself does not necessarily mean that you live like a monk for a day. Unless, you want to do that, of course. It does mean that you take a day to recharge your batteries whatever that looks like for you.

Here are some ideas to recharge your batteries this month:

Spa day– pamper yourself with a nice bath, manicure, facial, breakfast in bed, even a massage if you live in an area that is allowing messages and you feel comfortable. Otherwise there is plenty of pampering you can do at home. Heck you could even buy ingredients for clean smoothies and do a detox to make your spa day complete.

Nature day– Unplug and head up to the hills, nature trail, or park. Pack some food and explore the great outdoors. Don’t worry about getting a good pic for Instagram. Don’t check social media or the news. Just be with nature and reconnect with your soul. ( be sure to let people know where you are going.)  

Read a book or movie day– Stock up on your favorite coffee or tea, find your comfy pillows and throws, maybe a snack or two as a special treat and escape into the book you have been wanting to read for months or catch up on that series everyone has been talking about. 

Spiritual retreat day– You do not need to be religious to take care of your soul. Do make sure you unplug from outside noise. Plan to do some journaling of thoughts, emotions or insights. Pick some reading or podcasts… that will uplift you and help you reconnect with yourself. Think about playing music that is calming or doing some yoga if that is your thing. Fit in any other ideas from above that feel appropriate to incorporate into your retreat. Enjoy getting back in touch with yourself. 

As for me and my Ash Wednesday dilemma, well I can and will create a mini retreat in the evening and every evening during Lent. I look forward to the possibility of a nature day next weekend and a spa day in the near future. 

As always, I would love to hear from you! Have you ever planned a mini retreat day for yourself?

Until next time,


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