Creating A Fabulous February

Hi everyone! 

Happy Monday and happy February : )

 I always found February to be somewhat of a restless time of the year. The holidays have passed and spring is still weeks away. An in between time when old things are wearing off and new things are waiting patiently to bloom.

There is a sweetness to February. I love the quirkiness of Groundhog day and dainty pink hearts the color of cotton candy on Valentine’s day. This February, after being cooped up for almost a year, I feel the need to make the month a little more festive in my own way. 

Here are some of my ideas for making this February fabulous. 

Celebrate Valentine’s day all month: Spread the love in different ways. Have fun letting family and friends know you care. Consider giving to a charity. Pay it forward at a coffee shop. Watch a romantic movie. Buy a new toy or treat for your pets. Oh, and of course, if you have a special someone,  enjoy romantic date nights, love notes, and cuddles as often as you like. 🙂

Enjoy the waning winter joys while they last. Burn candles, work on puzzles, read a book, make bread or bake something special. Before long, the cozy dark evenings will give way to active summer adventures.

Get some vitamin D. Whether it is a stroll or bike ride in mild weather, a hike in the mountains,  or snowshoeing in the cold, we need our fresh air and sunshine. Fresh air helps to shake those midwinter blahs. 

Turn up the music and start the spring cleaning and organizing. Now, I know that doesn’t sound very fun. However, it feels wonderful to be organized and put together as the warm weather approaches.

Make your summer plans. I do not know where we all will be with Covid restrictions and vaccines when June rolls around, but I do know I have a Colorado state park pass and I can see sights and find new trails to hike. I also know I want to paddle board when the weather gets warm and find some new bike paths too.Maybe you have plans for a garden that you can start buying seeds for and planning right now. 

As always, I would love to hear from you. What are your plans for February? Please share ‘em if you got ‘em. LOL

Thanks for stopping by the blog.

Until next time,



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