A Novel Thanksgiving

Happy Monday!

We are heading into the final days of November and for those of us here in the U.S. it is Thanksgiving week. One of the most beloved holidays of the year. Steeped in family traditions and gratitude for each other. One thing is certain: Thanksgiving 2020 will be different than any Thanksgiving we have experienced in the past.

Whether you are staying at home, doing family pre-gathering Covid testing, or Zoom dining with friends, this Thanksgiving is going to look and feel different. During a year where nothing can be taken for granted and everything needs to be approached with fresh eyes. It is natural that we want our holidays to give us the sense of stability that we are all craving. Yet, if we take a minute to forget about what we want and look at the world around us, we may find we can take Thanksgiving to a whole new level.

To give thanks is to acknowledge all that we have and say “Thank you”. When we acknowledge that we are blessed, a natural way to give thanks is to pay it forward. Literally, to give part of what we have received. We can give of ourselves in a way that  spreads joy and good vibes to those we meet.   

This week let’s challenge ourselves to reach out and give a little more to the people around us. We can call, text, and zoom people who may need a bit of a lift in spirits. We can give cards or notes of encouragement to our neighbors. We can let people know that they matter. Some of us may even be able to donate to a shelter or food bank. This is a great year to start new traditions. Ones that uplift, your spirits as well as those of the ones around you. 

As always, I would love to hear from you. Are you doing Thanksgiving differently this year? Do you have any new traditions you are starting?

Thanks for stopping by the blog.

Until next time,



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