Having What It Takes

Today is blizzard 2019 for almost all of Colorado. March is our snowiest month, but this size of a storm doesn’t happen every year. Fortunately, I am home watching the wind blow the snow around from the window by my couch and making bets with myself as to how often my cat, Gracie, changes napping spots throughout the house.

Forced to the confines of my 1200 square feet of living space, my mind begins to wander and wonder. My thoughts are not original or unique to today. In fact, my mind turns to a question conveniently stifled by the busyness of most days, but always burning in the back of my mind. ” What next?”

When my mind is still and the house is quiet I am aware that in one month I will be 56. I will be honest with you. I am ready to do something completely different when I turn 60. Something creative. Something flexible. Something that makes me excited to wake up every morning. And, let’s be honest, something that will allow me to cover all my expenses and live a comfortable retirement from education.

The problem is I have no idea exactly what that may be. Of course, writing comes to mind. “Do I have what it takes to really get serious about writing, blogging, or maybe even a podcast? How do I prepare now so I am set for success down the road?” It is as I am mulling over these thoughts that I look over at my trusty wall calendar. “You have what it takes!” is the motivational quote for the month.

Ha! I have to laugh out loud. There are absolutely no answers to my questions in this quote. Yet, there is a simple wisdom I can hold close to my heart. A knowledge that, like Dorthy and her ruby slippers, the answer is always within my being. Despite the mountains of self-doubt I expertly build for myself, I have always had just what it takes to get through life.

In fact, we all have what it takes. Sometimes we dream. Sometimes we plan. Sometimes we have to muster every ounce of courage to face life altering challenges. Through it all, we have what it takes. There is an inner voice, our truest self, that we can turn to for strength and inspiration. Thank goodness!

So ya, I still do not have a clear four year plan. I do feel a peace that I will know what to do if I keep on reading, researching, and experimenting with my writing. I am pragmatic. I know to keep planning and working. I also know a lot can happen in four years and I may decide to pursue something completely different that has not presented itself to my imagination just yet.

This time of life reminds me a little bit of being an undergraduate in college decades ago. The excitement of what life might hold if I keep on course, adjusting my dreams as I discover my strengths and weaknesses, savoring the moment knowing I will not pass this way again. This time, however, I am pressing on free from the concerns of my youth and a certain wisdom that comes with age. My life is what it is. I desire for the next phase of my life to be for the personal development of my soul. Not a perceived need to prove myself in a career.

As I finish this post, the snow is lightening up but the winds are still strong. Gusts of 65 miles an hour. I get the call that school will be closed again tomorrow. After I work on some grades and get some work done around the house, tomorrow just might be the perfect day to do some life planning! I do have what it takes, after all!

What about you? Are you taking on a challenge? I would love to hear stories about how you have proved or are proving that you have what it takes.

Thanks for stopping by the blog!

Until next time,



  • Hi Laura, I can relate to your post as I’ll be turning 60 at the end of 2020, I’ve even started a countdown to the big day! I can understand the need to look at something different and I wish you well.

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