Celebrating My Home Anniversary

Today is January, 21st, 2019 and the three year anniversary of the day I moved into my current home. As good luck would have it, today we are observing Dr. Kings birthday here in the US, so I have the day off. So I get to spend some time appreciating my space while I wait for the furnace guy to come tune-up my furnace. Hey, I know how to celebrate. Ha ha.

Now, I know it is a little odd to celebrate on anniversary of the day you close on a home every year. I bet most people would be pretty hard pressed to come up with the closing date on their present home, or even care. But most of you who know me either in person or through the blog know the day I moved into my current home was a momentous day in my life. It represented so much more than a new home.

It represented coming fully into my own as a person and creating the life I wanted to live. It was the first home I chose to live in without outside influences affecting my decision. No landlords raising rents or changing pet policies. No income limitations putting me in homes I would not chose if it weren’t for the fact it was the only home I could afford. No life altering events changing my residence. Finally, being able let go of of what was in order to embrace what is and create what will be.

I remember the day in l late August 2016 I walked into a model condo open house and said “This is where I am going to live!” I wasn’t even looking for a new home. I stopped by on a whim. I remember the months of anticipation and driving by to see how the construction was coming along. I remember the bittersweet process of downsizing and letting go the things in my home that no longer served me or would not fit into my new place. Many of these things had been my mom’s and part of my life’s memories. I remember my friend, Tracey, taking time to help me clean, organize, and arrange for things to go to deserving homes, and being there the day I walked out of my old home and shutting the the door for the final time on 37 years of family history.

( For those of you who do not know, when my mom passed away in 2003, I bought her home. It was a practical step up from the home I was living in at the time and a safe place to heal after such an unexpected loss . I spent the next 12 years making the home mine. I loved it dearly but deep down I knew it was time to find a place that was truly mine an move on.)

Each place I have lived in my adult life has brought a wealth of friendships, memories, and life experiences I will always treasure. Oddly, I feel as if the best of each of my former homes exists here in my present home and my gratitude for each home and the time in my life they represent is immense.

I do not know how many years I will be in this home. Life changes, neighborhoods change, and I will continue grow older. This home represents who I am now. Strong into my 50’s heading into my 60’s in many ways the best and happiest I have ever been. Assuming life keeps this pace for awhile, I look forward to many more years in this home. If I find myself living somewhere new, I will always remember the joy, personal sense of accomplishment, and coming into my own the day I moved into this home. This home will always be special. A personal statement about who I am and how I see myself in this world.

As always, I would love to hear from you. How do you feel about your home? What memories do you have? What inspiration does it provide?

Until next time,


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