Creating Your Life in 2019

New Years day 2019 is less than 24 hours away. Even if you scoff at the idea of parties, resolutions, and all of the pomp that goes into January 1st around the world, it is hard not to take a moment to notice that we are collectively ending one cycle and beginning another one on our shared journey on this planet.

When done effectively, the New Year is a great time to look ahead, make changes to areas of our life that need fine tuning , and set the course for the next 365 days. For those of us in our 50’s and beyond, this can be especially exciting because we are aware, in a way we were not aware in our youth, that we are writing our life story . We can not possibly know or control everything we will experience this year, but we can know and control a lot.

For me, I will be finishing life chapter 55 and beginning life chapter 56. Up until a few years ago this night would find me desperately pledging to lose 20 pounds, being better about putting money into savings, organizing closets, and really learning how to cook. Practical resolutions to be sure, but not particularly designed to inspire my soul or help me gain what I really want most out of my life on earth. So, over the past several years I have been evolving my approach to the New Year. I have found focusing on what I want out of life leads to goals or resolutions to help me evolve int the person I want to become. Here are some of my ideas that you may find of use to you as we head into 2019.

Think about what inspires you and what you are most passionate about.

For just a moment forget about what you should do for a successful year (like exercising more frequently or waking up every morning at 5:00 am) and think about what really motivates you to live your best life. Write it all down. Once you have a clear picture in your mind of the areas of your life you want to cultivate in 2019 you can start writing concrete steps to ensure you will have time for what inspires you the most.

Ask yourself if anything you enjoy, whether it be baking, crafting, or running, can be taken to another level in order to promote personal growth or build relationships with others. It doesn’t have to be competitive, just spreading your wings and expanding your horizons a little bit can be fun.

Ask your self ” If 2019 “was all she wrote” what would you want to do, see, and experience this year in order to go out with a bang.

A bit morbid, I know. Yet we can’t escape the fact that we will have a final New Year celebration on this earth and we don’t know when that will be. So, are there places you really want to see? People you want to spend more time with? Adventures you want to have? Hobbies you want to explore? Write these things down and make plans to start filling up that bucket list. It doesn’t have to be crazy, just true to who you are.

Notice that when you think about what you want out of life old resolutions like saving money or losing weight often fall into place naturally.

Whether it is climbing a mountain or hanging out with the grand kids, traditional resolutions fall into place become and achievable when we see how they affect the life we want to live. A dream vacation requires some budgeting and saving. Walking everyday or following a workout routine becomes easier when you know the little ones will be able to play with you at the park and not just see you sitting under a tree out of breath.

Be flexible and accept the unexpected.

Countless people over the years have started the New Year off with a bang and lost their way by February. Some of this is natural in the flow of the seasons but often we give up creating our lives at the first setback. The diet goes off course, working late keeps you from the gym, the water heater goes out and there goes the savings. We have all been there. Sometimes, even more drastic life changing events occur and our lives look very different in a flash.

Have your goals posted somewhere you can see them every day as well as the steps you are taking to meet them. When you fall, brush yourself off and start again. Adjust your goals as needed. In the more extreme circumstances, take time to heal. But always, always, keep the big picture of your life and your life purpose close to your heart and keep setting goals to work towards your best lived life.

Thanks for stopping by the blog.

A happy and blessed 2019 to all !



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