Enjoying the Changing of the Seasons

Happy Fall  everyone!

Where I am in Colorado, the signs of the changing seasons are becoming a little more apparent. Mornings are a little crisper. Evenings are cooling down a little quicker. The leaves are beginning to change colors and a few have started falling to the ground.

While the calendar gives us exact days to mark beginning and endings of the seasons, I feel there are transition periods between seasons that are truly spectacular.

I chuckle that fact as soon as Labor day arrives my favorite coffee shop announces it is Pumpkin Spice latte season as people trickle in from the 96 degree heat in their shorts and flip flops.  I get it. I get excited for autumn too. The coziness of the season and the returning to hearth and home after a summer of action and adventures. Yet, I would like to encourage everyone not to rush the change of seasons and to take the time to appreciate the Transition.

Why not let summer gracefully slipway? Enjoy the sun while it is still high in the sky. Watch the birds before they migrate.Walk through the city gardens and enjoy a few more picnics while the grass is still green and the flowers are still in bloom. Eat the last of the locally grown fruits and berries before the first frost. Take note of the falling leaves and cool breezes as autumn gently makes her arrival kown.

In a few short weeks many of us will be wearing coats, setting our clocks back an hour,  and crunching through the last of the wet leaves ready to be racked into a pile. Autumn will be at her glorious best. No need to rush what will arrive naturally.

This year a am making a conscious effort to ease into fall. I bought some mums for my patio shortly after Labor Day. Saturday, in honor of the Equinox, I changed the wreath on my front door to a fall theme and put out out my brown accent pillows in the living area for a fall feel. Next week, I will begin to burn my salted caramel candle. Yum.

When October starts to get chilly, I will pull out my Halloween decorations and switch from ice coffee to a latte at my favorite coffee shop. Then, the transition will be complete.  I will finally be fully into fall!

As always, I would love to hear from you. Do you have any thoughts on the changing seasons?

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