My Fitbit And Me

This spring I discovered, to my surprise, that I had an electronic addiction from an unlikely source- my Fitbit. Until my  Fitbit Surge battery died and I was temporarily without my fancy watch, I had no idea that the device on my wrist  had become an extension of my identity. I tried to deny it but every time I looked to see how many steps I had taken or how many calories I had burned  during my workout and only saw my bare wrist, I felt a rush of anxiety. Crazy, I know.

When fitness trackers started becoming popular I hardly took notice. It seemed to me that they were amusing gadgets designed for people who had extra money to spend. Being a teacher I wasn’t worried about how many steps I took in a day. The answer was “plenty’. I knew approximately how many calories I burned during a work out thanks to My Fitness Pal and a few apps on my phone.

Slowly, I became more and more aware of my friends checking their fitness trackers. If I ran with friends they often checked their watches rather than their phones for times and distance. At the gym, more and more people were setting their watches before workouts began. I became intrigued and wondered if a fitness tracker would be of value to my life.

So in January 2016, as a belated Christmas present to myself, I bought a Fitbit Surge. I promptly put it to use and wore it faithfully everyday recording every step and every workout. It was replaced once at no charge for a faulty wrist band but otherwise was very reliable.  It was when my replacement gave out in May of this year I realized that I felt lost without it.  Since Fitbit no longer made the Surge model, I debated about trying a different brand such as Garmin or Samsung. I also seriously considered not replacing it at all and going into therapy for being addicted to a fitness tracker.

Since I was not quite ready for therapy or to go back to my pre- fitness tracker days, I finally settled on a Fitbit Charge HR. Not quite as fancy as my last watch but there are some features, such as heart rate monitoring and VO2 max tracking for heart fitness, that I appreciate being able to use . I also like that the watch lets me know to get up and move if I have been sitting too long and connects with My Fitness Pal.

Fitness trackers can be useful for maintaining overall health. They track not only your fitness activities,  most trackers these days also track heart rate, sleep patterns, food, calories burned, and more. They can be very motivating.  Heck, my tracker actually has motivational phrases it flashes at me when I put it on and throughout the day.

I have come to appreciate that a fitness tracker is not a magic wand but rather it is a helpful tool.  It reminds me to keep health and overall fitness at the front of my mind throughout the day. There may come a day when I let the tracker go. For now, I will keep looking at my wrist and take a few more steps just for good measure. ๐Ÿ™‚

As always, I would love to hear from you. Do you use a Fitbit or other fitness tracker?

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  • I have a dinosaur Fitbit (or I did). It was the one you put on your clothes and it counted the basics for the day. Well almost 2 weeks ago I took it off when I had just walked and put it down until after my shower to put it on again. Well I couldn’t find it. I just put it down somewhere in my room and it was gone. I had to leave the house to start my day and it was a long day. I was thinking how many steps it was missing and I felt so lost. I thought I would find it when I got home and to this day I cant find it. I know its in the house because it was showing up as having power on my app. I didnt buy another one because I wanted to see if I could find it before laying out some more $ on another electrical life sucker. Well, my room is getting really clean because I am still trying to find it. I kind of like not feeling guilty not knowing if I’ve put my 10,000 steps in everyday. However, if I dont find it in another week I dont feel guilty enough to just let it lease at this point. I’ll let you know.


    • Yes, keep my posted. I will be interested to know if you buy a new one or brave life not knowing how many steps you have taken ๐Ÿ™‚


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