I love yoga. The mind/body connection provides me with a much needed midweek change of pace as well as continued  improvement in flexibility and coordination as I move through my 50’s.

This is why my ears perked up when my instructor, Amanda, announced that she was holding a special yoga class. After a buzz of excitement, she continued by stating that it was a couples yoga class  “designed for you and your partner.” Most people kept on buzzing with excitement. For some of us, however, there was an unexpected pause in the conversation.

We said our ending ” Namaste ” and as I got up I heard my friend, Holly,  who is also single, start laughing and joking about an alternative name for Valentine’s day being Single’s Awareness Day. Visions of t-shirts, black ribbons, and a Go Fund Me page sprang into my mind. I burst out laughing as I rolled up my yoga mat and declared  “I’m in!”

There are certain days of the year when even the most confident single person can be made to feel a bit awkward. Even if it is for just a brief moment. Yoga was a brief moment. By the time I was in my car and headed home, I had already shifted perspective from the awkward yoga exclusion moment based on my relationship status, to how much I really do love Valentine’s day.

I love the idea of romance;  seeing couples of all ages walking hand in hand;  overhearing long conversations in a coffee shop held by two people only aware of each other; catching playful moments between couples as they walk their dog or decide on a dinner menu at the store. These glimpses of  love in other people’s live’s inspire me. They make me want to go out and enjoy life in my own way. To be in love with life. To create a sense of romance in my every day experiences.

February can be a dreary time.   By the time Valentine’s day arrives, the sparkle and magic of the holidays have passed. The groundhog, as far as I know, always sees his shadow. Spreading love and creating a sense of romance is a perfect way shake off the winter blues and get ready to welcome spring.

For those of us who are romantics at heart, Valentine’s day gives us a chance to consciously create and spread love in our own personal style. It is true, we do not need a special day on the calendar to do this. However, by designating a special day we remind ourselves to make love a priority. We add some spice to the winter dull drums. We let those close to us know how much they mean to us. And perhaps if we are really lucky, touch the heart of someone who needs to hear that they matter in this world. We do this knowing that there are millions of others who are doing the same thing on this day and we feel the connection of collective human experience.

Whether you are part of a happy couple, happily single, or struggling to find love in your circumstance, I would love to hear about your Valentine’s day thoughts and plans,

As for my friend, Holly, I have every confidence she will have a fantastic Valentine’s day. She is that kind of gal.

Until Next time,






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