Time To Come Back?

I am sitting at home today. It was not planned. I had a jury summons. Responsible citizen that I am, I requested a sub to manage my classroom for the day and headed off to the Weld County Courthouse bright and early Wednesday morning. Upon passing through security  I was shuffled into a large room where I listened to a judge talk about the great privilege it is to live in a country where we have jury trials, watched an orientation video, listened to dozens of potential jurors names called as more and more citizens headed off to various court rooms, and was ultimately sent home. The case in which I was to be a potential juror had reached a plea deal earlier in the morning.

I have to admit, initially I was not thrilled about jury duty. Twice before I have been summoned and each time I did not have to report at the last minute. When it became clear I was going to have to head to the court house I was not overly enthusiastic. Teachers know that planning for a sub in not fun. However, I talked myself into believing I would experience something truly American if I was selected as a juror and I became a little more interested in the process and what the day may entail if I was selected as the morning progressed.  I was almost excited to serve on a jury when the remaining handful of us left in the room were told our case was settled and we may go about our day.

After being  unceremoniously thanked for my time and dismissed from the courthouse , I wandered through downtown Greeley for a bit and stopped for some coffee. It was while sitting with my coffee and writing in my journal that a nagging and reoccurring thought came to my mind.” You should try blogging again.” I have had the thought many times over the past two years and each time I have resisted the voice. This time I was open to listening to the thoughts in my mind.

Is it time to blog again? Do I have anything new or of interest to say? Will I be faithful in my writing? I do not have the answers to these questions but I do know that the first step in finding the answers is to just start typing.

Four years ago I began my blog as a way to celebrate a new decade of life and a way to celebrate all the things  a ” woman of a certain age” can experience and achieve. I loved my blog, the people I met in the blogging community, and the overall experience.

Then, after two years, I developed a major case of writer’s block. I did not know what to talk about nor did  even feel as if I had anything left to say. I was trying to post on a regular basis and it often felt as if blogging was becoming a burden instead of a joy and a means of self expression that I had intended it to be. I did not even have the motivation to say “goodbye” to those who followed my posts faithfully. That part bothered me the most because even if it is just a blog, good manners are good manners. I just didn’t have it in me. Perhaps if you are a blogger you have experienced this and know what I was going through.

This coming April I will turn 55. I will be half way through the decade that I wanted to celebrate through my words. Many things have happened on my journey since I stopped posting in 2015. Perhaps catching up is a good place to start. If you are interested in reading my posts, I can not promise a typo-free blog  ( A short coming of mine that I continue to work on daily.) or a distinct theme on my life experiences. I will, however, gladly share my joys, adventures, challenges, and thoughts on enjoying life as a ” woman of a Certain Age” learning how to live life to the fullest.



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