Living An Unconventional Life

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. 🙂

I have been thinking this past week about what it means to be unconventional. I know that I am somewhat unconventional in my life. I am in my 50’s, single with no children, and I like it that way. I changed my last name. I don’t subscribe to tv services and rely solely on Netflix and the internet for entertainment and the news. I  know next to nothing about pop culture. Last year when there was an uproar over Duck Dynasty I honestly thought that it was a Disney show everyone was talking about.

I bet most of you have areas in which you are unconventional as well. Maybe you are proud of the ways that you stand out from everyone else, or maybe like me, it has taken some time to stop worrying about what everyone else is thinking and trying to fit into the crowd whether it be work, social groups, or family gatherings.  Approval is a strong motivator. It begins with seeking praise from our parents and teachers as children, our peers in adolescence, and our employers and communities as adults. Of course approval from others is often conditional  based the beliefs, values, and agendas of those around us. Many times we may not even be aware of the many ways we are subtly being persuaded to adjust our way of  thinking or doing things to appease or impress others.

To be unconventional is to follow what is in your heart. Being unconventional is self- expression with a purpose. To be unconventional with confidence can be fascinating, captivating, and inspiring. It can affect the world and encourage positive change.

I hope you embrace whatever it is you are called to pursue in this life in the ways that feel right to you. Career choice, lifestyle, family, fashion, hobbies, education, community service; we all have a unique way to approach these areas of our lives. Sometimes our approach will not fit into the conventions of those around us and we will stand out from the crowd. Some will see us as inspirational while others may see us as a liability or a threat; but if we stay true to our nature we will have the peace and satisfaction of having led a well lived life.

I would love to hear from you. In what ways do you see yourself as unconventional?

Until next time,



  • I think being single at 50 isn’t completely uncommon, but what is uncommon is that I am not worried about it, jumping around on every online site looking for someone to fill a void. I think you have expressed similarly before that I’m happy with what the Universe has in store for me, I know it will be good.

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    • You are correct. Many single people are on multiple dating sites trying to fill a void. Although, I have read that many people are starting to choose single life. Have you heard of a book by Eric Klinenberg entitled Going Solo? It is a well researched book on the number of people choosing to live alone and thriving. Good to hear from you!


      • NO, I hadn’t heard of it til now. I’m game to read it as long as he isn’t selling solo as the only or best way to go. I feel like both are great ways to be single or coupled. It all depends on where you’re at in life. I want to believe that I single now for a purpose – not sure how long I will be, but I’m pretty okay with it most of the time. And I keep my heart and eyes open for a potential partner as well, cuz I think that’s fun too 🙂


      • In my opinion the book was not bias towards being single, but rather shows that it is no longer such a stigma and a growing trend for a variety of reasons. I absolutely agree that we should be receptive to love, romance, and whatever life may bring to us. As a side note I believe this book views being single specifically as running your own household so one could be a happily coupled single person in a committed relationship.


  • I too am single and in my 50s although I do have two children. If you ask my family they will tell you everything about me is unconventional and I rather like it that way. I am the only vegetarian and the only one without serious health problems out of my siblings (and I am the oldest). I am the only one of my siblings or their families that reads and the only one who cares about environmental issues. I could go on but you get the picture.

    I spent way too many years trying to fit into the mold others set for me, holding out only on those things that were very important to me. As I got older I stopped trying to fit into the proper hole set out for me and like like much more now.

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    • It’s great being the unconventional one in the family, isn’t it? I am a vegetarian too in a town famous for meat production! I imagine that even though your siblings lead different lifestyles than you do you give them a reason to examine their values even if they don’t come right out and say so 🙂 Keep standing out!

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