Comforting Thoughts On The Use Of Language From Stephen Fry.

Hi everyone! I wanted to take a moment to share a video Shannon Ables at The Simply Luxurious Life shared with her readers today.

I have mentioned before that one reason I hesitated on starting a blog was my fear of deficits in my writing. In school I was good with thoughts and ideas but I was very aware that I would make silly errors in my writing and often did not catch them even after several proofreadings. Spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, not to mention leaving out entire words, since my thoughts came faster than my hands could write or type, are all issues that made me feel less that capable to write for large groups of people. Don’t get me wrong, I received good grades in English and writing classes. However, I do believe that our command of language, both written and spoken, affects how successful we are in navigating through a multitude of social situations and ultimately can ensure how successful we are in our chosen careers. Not to mention our ability promote positive change in society through persuasive speech. I felt I was the queen of small writing errors. I wanted my writing to be perfect. Never mind that in order for my writing to be perfect every time meant that I needed to be perfect. That thought never crossed my mind. 🙂

So, if like me, you have ever worried about your command of grammar, typography, or the English language in general, sit back and enjoy this video narrated by Stephen Fry. A most eloquent speaking actor of high intelligence, in my opinion.

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject!

Thanks for stopping by the blog.

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