Taking A Run And Moving Out Of My Comfort Zone

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

While most people were watching the Super Bowl I decided to take a run. I ran two miles. Now,  if you a runner you may think that two miles is a nice warm up but for me running two miles is like climbing Mount Everest and something I could never have imagined doing even a few months ago. Those of you who know how much I love to hike and work out on a regular basis may find it odd that I would avoid running at all costs and freeze in terror at the thought of even attempting a short run. Yet,  that was my reality until very recently.

Why such a strong aversion to running? In addition to some foot problems that can cause me pain, running has held  so many negative connotations in my mind over the years. I have vivid memories of elementary school and middle school P.E. where running could be a  frustrating, and at times humiliating experience for those of us who were not naturally swift and agile on our feet. Then, there were my obese years when I could not even jog past several houses without being terribly winded. One just doesn’t forget these experiences, they stay forged in the back of the mind.  Over time, running became a symbol for everything I was not in this world and everything that was unobtainable for me. When I began to grow and change into the person I am now there was still a part of me who felt obese, insecure, and lost. That part of me was afraid to run. I had lost over 130 pounds, earned my master’s degree, changed my name, and yet running and all it represented in my mind, was  the one thing I was not quite ready to fully tackle head on.

Several weeks ago my trainer told me it was time to start running. He said he had been watching me and that I was ready. I wasn’t sure how to react. He went on to say that he believed I could run a half marathon by the end of the year. Gulp. I tried to process this information in my mind. A half marathon? The lady who at one time could not even jog by two houses! I was both intrigued and terrified. My mind went to my good friend, Tracey, as well as the people with whom I work out. They are all runners. Could I actually be in their company in the near future? It made excited to think that maybe, just maybe I could do it.

I do not know how my running journey will progress throughout the year and what success and failures I will meet along the way. It is the beginning of February and cold. It is a long way until it is December and cold again. I do know that my trainer will help me every step of the way and push me to reach my fullest potential, I know Tracey will run with me and keep me motivated, and I know that the people I workout with at the gym will be cheering me on as well.

In the end it isn’t really about the running ( Although, becoming a runner is important to me.) It is about personal transformation, taking risks, and living life to my fullest potential. Not so long ago I was obese and struggling in the world. I thought that who I was then was all that I would ever be. Somehow I knew there was more to my life then what I was living, I remembered who I believed I would become when I was young and full of dreams; before life gave me some hard knocks. I have reclaimed my dreams. They look a little different now with age and wisdom but in a way it makes them all the more beautiful.

I encourage each and every one of you to find what challenges you and pushes you towards transformation. We are all wonderful as we are but we are never really done evolving and becoming something even more amazing. The energy that gives us life is full of potential. Some of our potential we can not even imagine yet, but it is there waiting to be discovered.

Have a wonderful week. As always I would love to hear from you!

Thanks for stopping by the blog,

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  • I like this Laura, “We are all wonderful as we are but we are never really done evolving and becoming something even more amazing” I agree 100%. I think that it all comes down to rate of evolution. Some people see the possibilities available for themselves and want to take it on and accelerate the process because they know that evolution always means a better life. And then there are people who can’t yet see it, or they can, but they are too afraid of change so they resist and hold back not wanting to throw themselves into the process. I personally have been in these two states before, not seeing and not having the courage, but both were frustrating for me. Now, I still get afraid sometime, but my commitment to conscious evolution is greater than those fears. Thanks for sharing. Good luck with your running. I ran for the first time when I was 42 and it was excruciating. My body said, “What!?!?” FYI, it gets easier and even fun sometimes.

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  • Congrats on your accomplishment!! Interestingly, I have some similar thoughts on running… I really do get how awesome you must be feeling! Keep on and keep writing about it! 😊

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  • I’m so happy for you and thrilled that you are enjoying the challenge. I too have rediscovered running in the past year and enjoy it immensely. I’ve dubbed myself a re-run. You have accomplished so much and you should be very proud of yourself. Keep running and I look forward to hearing how you get on.


    • Thanks Debbie! Re-run, I love it 🙂 I am glad to know fellow bloggers who are also runners. It will keep me motivated. Thanks again for the encouragement. Good to hear from you!

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