Minimalist Monday: Ringing Out The Old

Happy Monday, everyone!

Well, ready or not I am off to work after dealing with a sinus infection and laryngitis that kept me out of commission for most of last week. I still have trouble talking but at least now I can be understood when sounds come out of my mouth! I am looking forward to being back to work, working out, and my winter program this coming Thursday. 🙂

It may seem strange to start talking about the new year so early in December but the old year is winding down, Solstice is near and it is the perfect time to start reflecting and planning for 2015. So make your favorite winter ( or summer for my Down Under readers) beverage, light a candle, and get comfortable. Take some time to think about where you were in your life’s journey back in January and where you are today, two weeks until solstice and  3 1/2 weeks until the new year. You are a different person, aren’t you?  We are all moving forward. Are there certain aspects of your life that no longer suit the person you have become? People and beliefs that we believed were beneficial  for us 11 months ago may have fulfilled their purpose in our lives. It is time to evaluate our lives and prepare to move forward into 2015.

Here some aspects of life you may be ready to ring out with the old:

 Negative People: Some people are toxic and we keep them in our lives because we think they are adding value or serving a purpose. If you have people in your life who are mean, negative, or frienemies (enemies posing as friends), it is time for them to be removed from your inner circle. Of course, they still deserve respect and kindness. Sometimes, as with coworkers, they will still be a part of your daily world but they don’t have the same role in your life as your nearest and dearest.

Beliefs about ourselves: “Who do you think you are?” This may be one of the most profound questions we ever ask ourselves. It is also a question that is bound to change over time.  If we are on the right track, we have moved beyond how we saw ourselves in high school, college, and other former periods in our life. We are more than even the most confident of us could have imagined in our youth. Many of us have held negative or limiting views about ourselves in the past. Time to shake off those shadows and form  a new, more mature belief  about who we really are at the center of our being.

Obligations: Many of us were taught that we are only as good as our word. We have believed that being a good employee, parent, or group member, meant volunteering for everything, leading often, and always making sure the job got done. To a certain extent this is true but our culture seems to honor the busiest among us, assuming that busy work is equal to work of value. Look at your commitments. Are they adding value to your life or draining your life energy? Do you still enjoy being the responsible one or is it a burden that is actually making you less effective in your endeavors? Do you still belong to certain organizations out of a sense of obligation or duty rather than a passion for what the group is doing? It may be time to say goodbye to a group or step down to a less demanding role in an organization.

Former hobbies and interests. During different periods in our life we cultivate different hobbies and interests. As we go through life we our personalities subtly change. We may find ourselves skiing in the winter, running on the weekends, attending a specific church, or meeting with a certain organization or club because it is what we have always done. If you are still passionate about skiing, great, don’t change a thing. Chances are there are aspects of your personality that have shifted and evolved over time. You may have loved playing the piano in your 20’s but now it isn’t a priority. Don’t pretend it is just because the piano is a part of who you once were. Let it go and explore what interests you now. You may go back to your former hobbies in time, or not…


As always, I would love to hear from you. What aspects of your life are you ready to let go?

Thanks for stopping by the blog!

Until next time,




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