Introducing Fellow Bloggers: Peak City Life

Happy Sunday, everyone. I hope you are enjoying your weekend. I have been under the weather this past week but hopefully, I am now on my way back to health and looking forward to returning to work tomorrow after several days at home. 🙂

The past several weeks I have been sharing with you some of my fellow bloggers who have supported me during my first year of blogging. This Week I would like to give a shout out to Kelsey over at Peak City Life. Kelsey has many different interests but the two topics most dear to her are Minimalism and Feminism.

Kelsey’s latest post, At the Intersection of Minimalism and Ethics,  got me to thinking about how as we go about our lives we make ethical choices that put us at odds with the people around us. Marching to the beat of a different drummer and taking a stand on what we believe is right action is not always easy. We need to get along with our neighbors, family, and co-workers and to be at odds with any of these groups can put is in a very uncomfortable place. I am glad that Kelsey is looking at her beliefs and how they relate to the world around her. It is not easy to go against the status quo.

Feminism is an uncomfortable topic for many people. Somehow Feminism has been reduced in many people’s minds as angry, man hating women trying to undo social structures and traditional values. It does not help that there is not a clear-cut definition of Feminism and the word can mean different things to different people. However, in its broadest sense, Feminism means the support for political, social, and economic rights of women. Kelsey is particularly interested in Feminism as it relates to her faith in God. Not everyone grows up in churches that honor and value women and Kelsey is active in her pursuit of understanding her faith in relation to her role as a strong, independent, woman interested in equality and justice for everyone.

Thanks Kelsey for the constant support! Keep up the good work on taking a stand in your daily life:)

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