Minimalist Monday: Halloween Decoration Update

Happy Monday, everyone! Yes, I am experimenting with my blog look again.  The header pic is from my recent pumpkin patch trip with my family. I like the look but I will probably change again. It is still not what I am envisioning. Maybe next year I will splurge on a custom design. 🙂 For now if you have any feedback on the new look I would welcome your comments.

Well, as mentioned last week, here are the Halloween decorations I decided to keep. They are each items that remind me of my mom. Many of them are dated on the back as to when she bought it for me. I love that added touch of love.  🙂

Each year my mom and I would walk the Greeley Arts picnic after she came to listen to me play in the flute choir. It was an annual tradition for many years. Often she would look for unique handmade gifts from Colorado for my uncle at this time. The three ghosts by the pumpkin are a reminder of these late summer days.

Peggy was more than an Avon lady, she became my mother’s good friend. I believe that one of the reasons my mom bought gifts from Avon was she truly enjoyed the evenings Peggy would come over to chat while delivering an order. Peggy was a fellow animal lover along with my mom, and she always brought special treats for my mom’s little dog, Amber. The ceramic house with the pumpkins and kittens on the porch was an Avon purchase from Peggy. I enjoy remembering my mom’s friendship with Peggy and how much joy the friendship brought her.

Stutcie was my cat for just shy of 20 years. Actually, she belonged to my fiancée, Gail, before he passed away. After his passing I adopted her as my own. Stutcie saw me through many ups and downs through my 20’s and 30’s right into my 40’s. She knew me better than any human. One Halloween my mom saw the black cat and ghost in a house decoration and it immediately reminded her of Stutcie. ( Stutcie was mostly black with just a few white markings.) She felt it was only proper I should have a decoration that resembled my beloved cat.

Always keeping the holiday spirit ( any holiday) my mom handed out candy every year to trick or treaters. The black witch basket is what she used to had out her candy.

The magnets were gifts from my mom as well. Although they do not have specific stories, per se, one always needs magnets for the fridge!

I have gone from two storage tubs of decorations to what you see here. I do have some fall/Thanksgiving stuff to go through next month. I know I still have lots of decorations by most Minimalist standards but what I have makes me happy and everything else went out the door. Keeping what is meaningful and letting everything else go is what it is all about.

As always, I would love to hear from you!

Thanks for stopping by the blog. 🙂

Until next time,



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