What Is Your Single Living Personality Style?

Happy Thursday, everyone!

I hope your week is going well. 🙂

Over the years I have noticed there are several different approaches that single people have on life and relationships.

1.Those who love being single and who have no real desire to settle down. They date for fun but do not seek out commitment. However, they often develop great friendships with those they see on a regular basis.

2.Those who want to be married and are enjoying the process of dating and meeting potential partners. They have a clear  vision of their future with a partner but they are relaxed in the process of finding a perfect mate.

3.Those who want to be married and are almost embarrassed by their single status. Being single is  like a disease that needs to be cured. Often this belief is fueled by well-meaning friends and family anxious to help the single person meet the man or woman of their dreams. Women in their late 20’s and early 30’s often find themselves in this category as they become more aware of their biological clock. Sometimes members of this group have been married before and are nervous about managing life on their own terms or they may prefer the stability of a solid family life.

4. Those who are content with whatever life brings them. They neither actively search for a relationship or dismiss the   possibility of finding love no matter what their stage of life. This group is usually a little more mature in age and been around the block a few times. They have learned through experience to go with the flow. Often marriage or even the process of dating is a “been there, done that” kind of deal.

I put myself in category number four. I am happy being single but I always keep an open mind to romantic possibilities.  I will also confess there were a number of years when I was not confident about being single even though I knew deep down it was really what I wanted at the time. I listened more intently to others opinions about my personal life than I did my own heart.

No matter what category you find yourself fitting into, be confident in your single status. Make your life amazing. Help people see the beauty in their relationships and lives as well. If you want to be married you will be married. As a friend and I were discussing the other evening,  Reality TV is proof anyone can find a mate. Understanding how extraordinary you are will eventually attract a partner who is worthy of your love and devotion. If you choose to be single enjoy the freedom it brings. I have said it before and I will say it again; some of the most fascinating, intelligent,  and fun people I have ever met are single.

I may sound like a broken record from time to time but I know first hand that there are many people in our society who, intentionally or not,  make single people feel like outcasts and cause them to question their attractiveness, desirability, and self-worth. So I will write often to encourage single people to stand proud, be of service to others, and let the world know that there are many ways to live a fulfilling life, enjoy romance, spread love and compassion, and make a difference in society. Being married and having children is traditional. Some of us like to challenge the status quo.  🙂  And for those single people who cherish the idea of marriage, you are going to be a great spouse some day! Your time as a single person will help you to get to know who you really are and develop a self-confidence in your daily life that is going to make you one heck of a catch for some lucky guy or gal.

As always, I would love to hear from you.!

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  • “Those who are content with whatever life brings them” This is my new go-to expression for people who enquire into my romantic life. Sometimes I find myself defending my situation and later feel frustrated with my feeling a need to. These few words are not defensive and express exactly where I’m at. Thank you.

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    • You’re welcome 🙂 It is funny how we often feel the need to apologize for who we are. I have been there many times.
      Thanks for sharing!


  • I’m afraid I’m mostly number 3. :/ Your words are always encouraging though about how we shouldn’t question our self-worth because of our singleness. Thanks for always repeating it! I have been bad about reading blogs since the semester started. I’m going to go back and read some of your past posts now so I can be encouraged! 🙂

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    • Thanks Ashley!
      Don’t worry about being number three, almost everyone has been there. 🙂 School takes so much time. I am glad you are focusing on your studies!

      Happy reading 🙂


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