Minimalist Monday: Cutting Back On Halloween Decorations

Happy Monday, everyone!

Here in Colorado it was another picture perfect weekend. I think I could get a tad bit spoiled with all the fresh air and sunshine. I do have to go back to work this morning. Josh, darn it. 🙂

The last couple of days I have been clearing out unused decorations from my garage getting ready for the fall holidays. It is a task that I have been working on gradually over the years but decided to tackle head on to ring out 2014. The reason for the foot-dragging on this aspect of de-cluttering is the sentimental attachments to my holiday decorations. My mom was a big fan of every holiday. She had the ability to make every holiday fun no matter how simple our celebrations and decorating the house throughout the year with the changing seasons was a part of the magic of the holidays.

I have many decorations that have collected over the years. Some decorations my mom bought for me,  a few I bought with her, and others I have bought on my own in the spirit of my childhood memories. As I have grown and evolved over the past 10 years most of the decorations I have do not suit my personality any longer and it goes without saying that a home full of holiday knickknacks is not in keeping with my more minimalist approach to life.  I have kept several Halloween decorations and some magnets that mean the most to me from my mom and everything else has gone out the door. It feels good to let go of so many things I had not fully appreciated in many years. I know others love to decorate for the season and I am sure my decorations will be well used by others for years to come.

I fully intend to celebrate Halloween this year in a way that really pays tribute to my mom more than any decoration ever could. I am going to find simple ways to enjoy the day. I will keep you posted on my ideas for the day as the 31st draws near. Also, I will post some pics of the items I chose to keep for my home along with their history.

As always, I would love to hear from you!

Thanks for stopping by the blog. 🙂

Until next time,



  • I only have one set of holiday decorations and that Christmas stuff. Ive never been big on Easter, Independance day, Halloween decorations. But Christmas i gotta have a fem things for. Fortunately it seems I’ve always been kinda minimalist even with these decorations.. So I guess I’m kinda lucky there (even so, I will be downsizing and give some stuff to my neighbor this year) 😉

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  • I used to decorate for all the holidays when my boys were little, now I have very little. A few accent pieces for Christmas. I add a few natural elements to decorate for autumn which includes Halloween for which I have no specific Halloween themed decorations. At one point I was like you, I had a lot of decorations that were gifts and such and had a hard time letting them go even though they weren’t me then we lost everything in a house fire. I felt a freedom by losing so much and had the opportunity to then only replace what I really wanted to have.


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