Single Living: Working Overtime-Thank Goodness It’s Just Me

Happy Thursday, everyone!

This is one of those weeks when I wish I had that knight in shining armor to help me make it through until Friday. It is parent teacher conference time and things are just a little bit crazy. Ah, to have someone make me dinner, have the house picked up, feed the kitties, and have a glass of wine ready for me when I walked through the door. Ok, sparkling water, it’s a school night after all and I am counting my calories as well.

In reality, would I get such treatment? Umm, I am not so sure. I might walk into a room smelling of chinese carry out, hungry kitties, and a husband absent-mindedly surfing the net, barely noticing that I had walked through the door after a 14 hour day. It’s not that I am cynical by nature, I have just heard many a tale over the years. Of course, it goes without saying many married men scenarios of their own when working overtime. Usually involving “honey do”  lists and statements about “why can’t you help out more around the house?” Blest are my friends and family with supportive spouses. 🙂 Yes, I am happy to say I do know many people with wonderful, supportive mates!

I find my co workers that are also parents particularly admirable. As tired as I am when 8:00 p.m. finally arrives and I begin my 45 minute drive home, I know I only have to worry about taking care of myself. Many of my co workers have little ones whose needs they still have to tend to once they get home as well as spouses who deserve at least a little attention.Teachers always put in lots of outside hours at home as well as before and after school but there is something about conferences that is especially draining. Every career requires overtime, teaching is not unique in that respect. So hats off to all of you who are able to be fantastic parents, loving spouses, and still be successful in your chosen career. You are amazing!

As for me, I know my limits and I am grateful this single lady does not have to worry about anyone else’s needs this week. I am enjoying having a little peace and quiet after a week of exceptionally long days.

Enjoy the rest of your week!. As always, I would love to hear from you.

Thanks for stopping by the blog!

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  • That’s a positive way to think of it! Instead of being sad that we don’t have anyone to take care of us, we can think that we are able to spend time taking care of ourselves when we need it instead of having to take care of others as well. Great post!

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