Single living: Creating A Home

Happy Thursday, everyone!

One great thing about being single is that you are the king/queen of your castle. I mean really, you are it. You rule it all. Now,  I have a confession for you. Although I have been queen of my home for many years, it hasn’t been until recently the full power I had to create the home and home life that I wanted for myself. It is still a work in progress, believe me. Creating a home isn’t so much about money but how we approach what we do with what we have and the atmosphere we create in our living space.

Back in my mom’s day women invested a lot of time in their teen years creating a Hope chest.  Hope chests usually contained linens, dinnerware, and other necessities for young women to begin furnishing their new home once they embarked on married life. In a pre 21st century kind of way, this was very practical. We all know, even with modest purchases, how expensive setting up a living space can be. Living firmly in the 21st century I believe there is no reason to wait for someday. Create a beautiful, comfortable home now. Share your home with whomever is in your life at the present moment.  Friends, family, four-legged kids, whomever you want to share your life with. Creating a home doesn’t require a spouse.

Here are some ideas to turn your house into a home:

  • Display what you love and get rid of the stuff. Focus on objects that have meaning to you or bring you joy. Clutter in the home creates clutter in the mind.
  • Put thought into wall color, artwork, and furniture. Everyone’s budget is different but think about the kind of living space you want to create. Choose colors and accessories that reveal your personality.
  • Create a pleasing home atmosphere by playing good music. Whether you are alone or entertaining friends, put some thought into creating the mood in your home. Jazz is my favorite genre for weekend tasks around the house. Classical in the evenings. I use rock to get my frustrations out and motivate me to get moving when I am feeling lethargic.
  • Keep your home clean and keep up on repairs. This can be very challenging with a busy lifestyle. As a single person you are  the sole breadwinner and homemaker combined. Many of you may also be single parents as well! Do your best. It is worth it.
  • Consider the little details. What kind of books or magazines do you have on display? Do you ever light candles for creating a relaxing mood and adding fragrance to the air?

Married or single, your life is now. Not someday when you are married. Homes are meant to be places of love, fellowship, relaxation, and restoration. Create it enjoy it, and share it with others.You deserve it

As always, I would love to hear from you!

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  • A Hope Chest – I have not heard that expression before.

    On an interpersonal level I suppose that a ‘hope chest’ of sorts could be developed for everyone hoping to embark on a new life chapter. What would you put inside? Tenacity, resilience, bravery – an optimistic spirit of the unexpected.

    And remove the clutter of negativity.

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  • I am experiencing being single and alone in my home for the first time…like ever. I have done a lot of cleaning and purging since my last left for college and when that is all done, I will be ready to begin adding new things that really, as you say, “reveal my personality.” Before we had things that were practical and inexpensive, but now I feel that I can really create a space that is mine and I’m loving that. Yes to candles, Yes to music I like. Yes to fresh flowers in a vase on the kitchen counter.

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  • I agree that we shouldn’t wait to make our home or to get the things we want for our home. A good example is something simple- matching silverware. After college, I thought that I would wait until I get married to get a nice silverware set instead of my mismatched one from my mom’s hand-me-downs. Well, I couldn’t wait for ever for my silverware, so I bought some cute owl silverware. Then I moved on to glasses. Who knows what will be next. I don’t have to wait on a wedding shower to have nice things!

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