Single Living: David Letterman’s Top 10 List And Changing The Perception Of Being Single

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Being a teacher who is usually asleep by 10:00 p.m. or shortly afterwards, I have not seen late night television shows in years. Therefore, I was caught  off guard when I came across one of David Letterman’s recent Top 10 lists while surfing the internet.  The list that got my feathers ruffled?  Top Ten Reasons You’re Still Single.” If you have not seen the list here it is:

David Letterman’s “Top Ten Reasons Why You’re Still Single”

10. It is impossible to tell where you end and the couch begins.
9. Few ladies live near your makeshift forest home.
8. Who wants to be ‘Mrs. DiCaprio’ anyway?
7. Too busy writing Top Ten jokes
6. You buy your clothes at a deli
5. Mom says no dating until you’re forty
4. At the barbershop, you say, “Give me the ‘Ken Burns’”
3. OkCupid redirects you to NotOkCupid
2. “Bald with moustache” is a tough look for women to pull off
1. Too busy running ISIS

Why is it assumed that being single is a negative thing?  Does being single mean that we are living life all wrong and it is a situation that needs to be corrected immediately? Of course not.

Honestly, I think the reason being single still has negative connotations in our society is because so many single people are not comfortable in their situation and openly complain about dating and their lack of a fulfilling social life. Stereotypes are cruel, distorted, and  inaccurate perceptions but they usually develop when a certain trait or behavior is observed often enough over time. So the only to change the perception of single people in our society for single people to collectively change how we see ourselves.

The single people I know are intelligent, vibrant, attractive people who lead fulfilling lives. If you are single, I am willing to bet you are as well. Let’s start spreading the word that being an unattractive, socially awkward misfit is not a prerequisite for being single past age 25 or 30. Discerning taste, various passions and interests, being comfortable in one;s own company, and an openness to potential relationships  in various forms is much more in line with the characteristics of a long-term single status.

Breaking the stereotypes of being single begins with our actions and how we live our lives. The greatest gift we can give others in this world is love however we are given the opportunity to share it. More people are single than ever before. Some by choice, some by divorce, and others by the death of their partner. All of us should embrace life to the fullest and thrive no matter what our circumstance.

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