Minimalist Monday: Taking Time To Relax

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you all had a relaxing and enjoyable weekend. 🙂

I have to make a confession to you all. Many of the things I write about are things I am actively pursuing to create the life I want to be living. Which means whether it be living a simpler, more mindful life; embracing being happily single; or seeking out new adventures, I have my good days and bad days just like everyone else.

One thing I have struggled with over the years is the ability to relax. It was very timely this weekend that after a wonderful hike with my family, my sister wished me a relaxing Sunday as we were parting ways. If ever I felt like the universe was sending me a message I needed to hear from people I loved, this was it. I had  already enjoyed a happy and relaxing Saturday. It began with a good session with my personal trainer followed by a cup of coffee before heading up into the mountains. Once I arrived in  Rocky Mountain National Park the weather was perfect for hiking. Best of all,  I was with people I loved. I couldn’t have asked for a better day.

There was no getting around the fact that on Sunday I would have to begin facing my obligations and get ready for another week of school. In the past, I would have felt guilty for not getting enough work done on Saturday and spent Sunday in a tense state of mind. This is not  a rational reaction to enjoying  a beautiful fall weekend,  but it is how I have felt most of my adult life. Worried about getting everything done and thinking about it the whole time I am trying to enjoy other things.

This Saturday was different. As my sister wished me a relaxing Sunday, I smiled and  replied “Thanks you too! “. I knew at that moment my Sunday would be great as well.  It then dawned on me that since the start of this school year I have, in fact, been much more relaxed in my approach to work and my life.  Thank goodness, it is about time! 🙂

So what has helped bring about the change in my approach to life and relaxing? I do not think it is any one thing but a combination of realizations that have come about with time and maturity. Here are a few things I have come to understand over the past few of years:

Life really is short. Opportunities missed are exactly that.

The people in our lives are what is truly important. Jobs come and go. Careers change. Our family, friends, and relationships are going to be what we treasure as we age and cling to in times of turmoil.

We are given days off work for a reason. Everyone needs a break from work. We are at our best when we are given time to rest and relax.

There is always something that needs to be done. Life moves at a fast pace. We can work 24/7 and there will still be things that need our attention.

Excelling in any career requires balance as well as dedication. Often what we pursue outside of work helps us to develop the qualities in ourselves that make us stronger leaders and more innovative in our careers.

Worry and anxiety actually keeps us from producing our best work. When we are nervous, tense, and anxious about doing our best it shows through in everything we do. Worrying and being anxious about doing our best can actually make us look less competent than those who know how to take some time to enjoy their lives outside of their careers and responsibilities.

So how did my Sunday go? Excellent. I listened to some French jazz as I enjoyed my morning cup of coffee before church. I was able to go on  another hike and catch up with several friends.  I had some quiet/ meditation time. Then, there is the blog, of course!

Yes, I got some work done around the house and some work done for school as well. There is more to do but I am not worried. I will  to head to school  a little early tomorrow and get some more work done before kids arrive for band. That is a small price to pay for 48 hours of relaxation for the soul.

I wish you all a great and productive work week and the ability to keep in the forefront of your mind the things that are truly important in life.

As always, I would love to hear from you!

Thanks for stopping by the blog 🙂

Until next time,








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