Minimalist Monday: A Case Of House Envy

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

I really love my little home, the sanctuary it has become, the family history it holds, and my neighbors. So, I was caught off guard a little bit t when I noticed  was experiencing a mild case of house envy.

I think it is a part of human nature when we make new friends and visit their homes for the first time to really look around, observe, and take note of the surroundings. It gives us a more complete picture of our friends and their lives. I am sure many people think it is rather mundane to walk into people’s homes but I always feel like being invited into a home for the first time is rather an honor. In some ways I feel like you are closer to someone after spending five minutes in their home than several years of playing a sport together or being work colleagues.

I was at a friend’s home for the first time today. She lives in a very nice neighborhood and has a lovely home. Very cozy and inviting. It is much newer, and yes, more upscale than my home. In a matter of moments I was taking in everything from the decor to the kitchen lighting and without even realizing started in on the “what if’s” for a new and improved  home of my own. Imaginings of selling my present home and moving into a neighborhood like my friend’s played around in the back of my mind almost without me knowing it.

After a few moments of  day dreaming about finding my  new and improved home I came back to reality. What was I thinking? I wasn’t upset with myself for thinking about living in a different home or having admiration for my friend’s home. What stuck out in my mind was how easily I could be persuaded to want more than what I have on a whim. There was no thought into what I may actually need, what may be of service to me, or  what may add value to  my life. It was more like ” Oh, look, my friend has this so I want it too.” I was thinking more like a child who was more interested in her friend;s toy than her own toys.

We live in a world where envy can sneak up on us at any given time. We are encouraged by society to want more than what we have. The message presented to us hundreds of times a day is that will somehow things will make us happy and give our lives meaning. Every day we a given an opportunity to enjoy the life we are living. The moments of true joy are found in our interactions with the people around us.

If you ever find yourself like me, haphazardly wanting something just because it is new and shiny and your friend has one, know you are in good company. Then, think about what you really need in this life and what the true cost will be to acquire what you think you desire. Finally,  don’t forget to truly appreciate all that you possess including the ability to think and reason.

As always, I would love to hear from you!

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  • I agree with TracyMartin, but I can definitely relate to you. I felt something similar when I helped a friend move in to her new basement apartment. I strung back into reality when I got home to my apartment. I did find some inspiration that I implemented into my world. I just made sure that it fits into my personality.

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    • Wilsar, you are so right. It is great to put our own twist on an idea we have been inspired by! Thanks for participating in the conversation. 🙂


  • Of, you are so right Wilsar. I think it is so easy to get caught up in feeling envious, but in a way, it is a form of disempowerment because we feel like what we have or who we are is not enough. I like that you said you “made sure it fit your personality.” Inspiration brings us back to our own power, and as a result, our gratitude.

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  • How easy it is to want something new or just different than what we currently have. I prefer older homes but there is still that pull at my heart when I see a beautiful old home well maintained with the owners personality shining though

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  • Hi Lois!
    Older homes have such charm. My home is only 50 years old so it is not really historical yet but I love that my family has a history with the house. I am often drawn to craftsman style houses and anything with an old fashioned front porch.


  • Great post Laura, very thought-provoking! I live in a nice neighbourhood but I’m not jealous of the monstrous houses around me – they are all far too big! I do get comparisonitis from time to time though, particularly when I see homes that look…homely. My flat feels so temporary. It’s enough, but nothing more, and sometimes I think about how nice it would be to make it better: more stylish, comfortable, cosy etc. Then I check myself and realise that it is enough, and I don’t need more, and I like living as I do. We can’t have it all, and would I really be happier spending my money on furniture and art? Of course not! It is good to check-in with ourselves sometimes though : )

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    • Hi Lindsay,
      Yes, that is it exactly! I had to ask myself “where do I want my money to go?” Not to a larger mortgage and debt, that is one of the things I am trying to reduce in my life. I also agree on most homes being too big for me. I did take mental notes of what I liked about the house, however. I like the idea of having some inspiration for when I do have to replace an object or paint.
      Thanks for your insight. 🙂

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