Minimalist Monday: Back To School, A Great Time For Fall Cleaning.

Happy Monday, everyone!

In somewhat of a daze this Sunday afternoon, I am  acknowledging that summer vacation is over. My mind is trying to adjust to the fact that the alarm will go off at 5 am and I will have to get up, stay up, and look presentable as I head out the door for a day of meetings My life  has shifted to back to school living with the quiet tick of the clock. Before long the leaves will be falling and autumn will be in the air. Already, the mornings are a more crisp than a few weeks ago.

It was a wonderful vacation and I am sad to see it come to the end. I find myself thinking ” One more Tuesday coffee with my sister.” or “One more weekday hike.” but I know it is time to let those things go for now. If I don’t let those things go I will not get the opportunity to allow into my life all the  great things that await me this fall. Vacations are important because it is by having a relaxing time away from school I am able to rejuvenate myself be successful in my career. However, now it is time for me to have a purpose when I wake up in the morning again. A purpose beyond enjoying pure leisure. A purpose that, hopefully, makes a difference in the world around me. Yes, I love vacation but I am excited for a new school year to begin as well.

Observing the cycles of nature and the changes in the calendar year can be a helpful tool in developing a more Minimalist mindset. Since our lives and the world around us are constantly changing it is likely that we have things in our homes, our lives, and in our minds that were once useful to us but we no longer need. Clothes, books, CD’s, funky kitchen gadgets easily enter our homes but often stay long after we stop using them. Then, there is the mental clutter as well. Even a well-trained mind can slip into the past, clinging onto shadows of old wounds or glory days long gone. Once we become aware of the objects and thoughts that are no longer of use or value to us it is so much easier to let them go.

In addition, being aware of the transient nature of the world around us helps us to know what to bring into our homes,  our lives and our minds. We will naturally look for clothes that we will wear often, not just once to a party; we will look for gadgets and tools that we need to make our lives easier on a daily basis not just once every three years when we decide we may try to make a crepe; we will become much more discerning about what people, books, movies, and ideas we allow into our lives.

Enjoy the last couple weeks of August everyone, and as August changes into September take the time to clear out what is no longer of value to you. When you settle down on those long winter nights you will be glad you did. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by the blog! As always, I would love to hear from you.

Until next time,




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