Single Living: My New Perspective On Dating

Happy Thursday, everyone!

I have spent my week getting my classroom ready for kids next week. It will be exciting, a new school and about 300 new faces ready to learn music 🙂

Rushette ( my cat) update: we have a consultation Wednesday at Colorado State University via my new veterinarian. CSU has one of the top veterinary schools in the nation and therefore the best access to the latest treatments and research in Oncology. I feel much more confident about treatment/comfort options and advice. Thank you all so much for your thoughts and well wishes! Rushette is doing well right now, in fact she just came in from being outside with me in the backyard where she did her summer morning grass stalking ritual on unsuspecting insects.

On to single living:

I was thinking the other day about dating. I have not been on a date in quite a long time. In fact, its been so long I would be hard pressed to say exactly when my last date was. It dawned on me that this did not bother me in the least and I really didn’t care whether I went on another date ever again.

Now, before you think I have become either very cynical or very boring I should probably explain a little bit more about what I mean. I like meeting people and getting to know them. I also enjoy doing fun things and am almost always up for trying something new or going out on the town. So, in that sense, I love dating and could go on dates all the time. However, when I hear the word date certain images pop into my  mind. Images of countless hours trying to look nice to impress someone whose company I may or may not enjoy. Hoping that the conversation will go well.  Wondering if we both will have an interest on a second date or if one of us will be trying to make a polite get away. Then, along those same lines, there are those words that have inspired entire books: ” I’ll call you.” Yes, I could do without all of that.

These days I do not want to date just for the sake of dating. Anyone I let into my life, friend or potential love, I need to feel a sense of connection with. I guess I would be considered a cheap date because coffee and conversation suit me just fine until I get to know someone better. I would rather have an affection grow based on simple daily activities that develops into an extraordinary life together rather than start a relationship with a lot of splash and then settle into the mundane after getting to know the ‘real person’.

Many of the things that make dating special; dressing nice, good manners, artful conversation, fun activities, are things that I am working to incorporate in my life on a daily basis already. Some days are more successful than others.Sometimes I get a little too opinionated in my “artful conversation’, but it is a focus of mine.I think that is a good habit to treat ourselves and the people in our lives as if we are out on a date.

So, these days you may not see me out on a date but you will know if you see me sipping coffee with someone or hiking on a trail and having a conversation, whether it is with my sister or a cute guy, that I am having the time of my life. Hopefully, I will look nice and have my best manners too!

As always, I would love to hear from you! How do you feel about dating? If you are married I especially love to hear date night stories that keep the romance alive 🙂

Until next time,



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