A Little Bit More About Exercise :)

Good Morning, everyone!

I know I don’t usually post on Tuesdays but after yesterday’s post, Minimalist Monday: Get Some Exercise, many of you expressed feelings of wanting to do more exercise but time and motivation seem to be factors that are frustrating you. I do not have all of the answers by any means, but I am happy to share what I have learned about exercise and keeping an active lifestyle through personal experience.

What I have learned:

  1.  Find your personal activity style. Some people like to do Zumba with a group of people, others would rather be alone with a DVD. Knowing your personal activity style helps keep you happy as you get your exercise.
  2. A little fun goes a long way. My sister likes to bike. She bikes to work most of the year. In addition, she and my brother-in-law enjoy bike rides almost every weekend when the weather permits. She easily burns several hundred calories a day doing something she really enjoys. Walking, hiking, biking, and even roller blading for the young at heart,  are just a few activities that are fun and free.
  3. Set a schedule and stick with it. There is a world of difference between saying ” I would like to go for a walk several times a week after work” and saying” I work out Monday thru Thursday from 5:30 until 7:00 p.m.” Being specific helps to hold yourself accountable.
  4.  Just do it. If you wait until you ‘feel’ like getting some exercise or working out, you may be waiting a long time. We are tired after work, the cold or heat make us want to stay at home where it is comfortable, there is always something to take care of around the house. Just make a commitment to move no matter what your emotions are telling you. Eventually it will become a routine and you will feel strange if you do not do it.
  5. Buddy Up. I have a good friend who has walked with me for years. We get to walking and talking and before we know it we have covered three miles or more. We catch up on each others lives and solve the world’s problems while getting our exercise and fresh air for the day.Having someone to help you stay active is fun and rewarding.
  6. Set goals. Set fitness goals and a plan as to how you are going to achieve them. For example, if you walk one mile each evening try to increase your distance gradually to two miles. Another idea for walking would be if you walk a 15 minute mile see if you can decrease the time by a  minute by gradually picking up your pace and increasing your aerobic activity. You could get really brave and try walking a minute/ jogging a minute for 10 minute intervals.
  7. Take it to the next level. If you already work out regularly, talk to a trainer or instructor about how you can get even more from your workouts.
  8. Mix it up: Variety in your workouts makes your workouts more effective and helps keep you from getting bored.
  9. Little movements count. We have all heard take the stairs and not the elevator, park far away and walk a few extra feet to the store, stretch at your desk, and things of a similar nature. Guess what, it is true. These little gestures of movement add up over time. They also make a difference on th.ose days you can not do your regular work out.
  10.  Stop beating yourself up when you can not work out. We all do what we can. Sometimes we work 60 hour weeks or have commitments that keep us from our workouts. It is OK. Life happens even to the most dedicated work out schedule.

I hope you find my experiences with exercise helpful for you and your goals for health of body and mind. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by the blog!

Until next time,



  • I thoroughly agree with everything you’ve said about exercise. I joined a gym for the first time in January. I was making way too many excuses for skipping my walks…..too hot, too windy…..it just wasn’t working any more. A couple friends joined also and on the days when we can workout together it is so much fun! I envy you having the option to hike in the beautiful mountains! I find it motivational to read some of the things you’ve shared…thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Melissa! I am glad you have found some of my writings motivational. Yes, I love my Rocky mountains:) If you are ever able to vacation out here we can catch up and hike some trails together 🙂


  • Really great follow-up! Thank you for sharing your experiences and tips. I have decided to try a new yoga routine at home every evening this week to add some more variety back to my exercise. I love your Minimalist Mondays posts, they are always inspiring 🙂


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