Minimalist Monday: Freedom and Minimaism


Happy Monday, everyone! For my fellow US citizens, Happy Memorial Day to you all! God bless all who have served or given their lives to preserve the freedoms and liberties of not just the US, but of the world.    

There are two national holidays that hold a special place in my heart: The 4th of July and Memorial Day. These two holidays represent what it truly means to be a United States citizen. I am not talking about the flawed human nature of greed, selfishness, and arrogance that many around the world perceive to be the essence of the US but of the higher and more noble call to the to the preservation of liberty that every US citizen understands deep down in our hearts.With this call comes the understanding that freedom is not fee and with liberty comes responsibility.There can not be true freedom or liberty without personal accountability. It is not a government issued state of being. Sure, a government can say “You are free! Go and have a good time.” but if self-governance is not a trait of the majority of the people or if  there are forces trying to undermine personal liberties that remain unchecked, chaos and tyranny  will soon follow.

Liberty starts as a spark of desire in the human soul. The freedom to pursue our individual and collective destinies can, when done correctly, lead to unlimited creativity and reveal the best of human potential. To be truly liberated means also to be disciplined and discerning. If we choose to use or freedoms like a spoiled child in a candy store the natural consequences of our gluttony and lack of understanding will take effect.  Of course, I do not believe that a person needs to be a Minimalist to be a promoter of personal freedoms and liberty! However, I do think Minimalism can naturally support these ideals for those who are interested in living a more simplistic way of life. Here are some ways I think minimalism supports personal and collective freedom.

Personal Freedom and Minimalism:

Minimalists are naturally self-governing people. Minimalists tend walk to the beat of their own drummer. Thinkers and philosophers,  Minimalists usually have a carefully thought out philosophy about life, how to live it most fully, and how to be of service to others.

Minimalists think for themselves.  If we followed the media’s advice to look to pop culture or politicians for answers on how to conduct our personal affairs there would be no such thing as Minimalism. Either we would all be dysfunctional hedonists or waiting on a senate sub committee to pass a law for a better life. Minimalists think about what makes life meaningful and go about creating that life. Minimalists understand “the pursuit of happiness “.

Minimalists do not confuse things with experiences. Accumulation of stuff does not make anyone free, it makes us slaves. Minimalists constantly look for ways to use wealth in productive and meaningful ways.

Minimalists tend to be entrepreneurs.  It never ceases to amaze me the ways in which Minimalists create their lives to fit their values. Everywhere I look Minimalists are building their own environmentally friendly homes, creating careers that support their ideals, finding new uses for old things,and supporting the economy in responsible ways. 

Minimalists think about the effect their actions have on others both now and for future generations.  To be free does not mean to run a muck without a thought to future generations. The fate of future generations is one of the reasons people start to consider Minimalism as a way to preserve our resources for those who come after us.

Who knew being a minimalist could be so patriotic? Wherever you are in the world, may you awake every morning with a free heart and a sense of justice. Yes, freedom is a sacrifice and it does not come without a price. Let us show by the life we live, for those who gave the greatest sacrifice in the name of freedom, it was a sacrifice worth making.

Until next time,




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