Single Living: That helpmate fantasy

Happy Thursday, everyone! One more day. That is what I have left to spend with my ” kids” before I switch schools in the fall. A bittersweet week, indeed. Now, if I can get through tomorrow’s talent show I will be in great shape to enjoy the summer πŸ™‚

It is weeks like this when I sometimes wish I was not single. Not out of any romantic notions but because I am exhausted. I have a fantasy of having a boyfriend or husband who would magically lift the burden of cooking, cleaning, and taking care of all the little things around the house while I complete all the tasks I need to get done before the last week of school. I can almost hear my married friends chuckling at this statement because I have lived long enough to know that married people often wish for the very same thing! Of course, they have loving and helpful spouses but Murphy’s Law seems to get in the way. Kids, pets, and commitments of their own can keep even the most devoted spouse from giving you all the aid and assistance you may desire when you need it no matter how hard they try.

Still,it is a great fantasy. Alas, I know even the most charming of princes can’t magically make all my life’s responsibilities go away. Sometimes we have to face our responsibilities alone. It is at times like this when I have to step back and think about what I really want and why I want it. Wanting a partner just to make my life easier is not going to bring any long-term joy to anyone, dang it!

Tonight it would be great to have some help around the house. It would also be nice to have a conversation and snuggle on the couch after I finish my work. Some people will have that tonight and they are very lucky people. I am lucky too with countless joys and blessings. I will go to bed grateful and content.

In my contentment it’s still OK to wish someone would give me a back rub and straighten up the kitchen, right? πŸ™‚

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts and comments.

Until Next time,





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