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I love walking down the home office aisle at Target. Everything is so pretty with bright colors and patterns ready to help me be my best organized self. Memo boards, calendars, day planners, organizing trays, and more styles of pens then I could ever dream up on my own.

I have the desk, I have the space. I could create a beautiful office area to create the magic which is The Next 50 Years. 🙂 Laura Kelly, founder and editor of The Next 50 Years in her cozy nook happily blogging away. Planning board on the wall, Day planner on the desk next to a cup of tea and a vase of fresh flowers, kitties at my feet, and lots of pretty pens of every color imaginable.

I have looked at my space in my basement many times and thought about setting up my office. It really could be quite cozy and inviting.The trouble is I have never actually liked working at a desk or office area. Not to pay bills, not to study, not to do lesson plans, and certainly not to blog. Even as a teenager offices and designated work spaces made me feel sniffled and confined.I like to work is at my kitchen table.  I am not sure what the lure of the kitchen table is. Maybe it is the proximity to the tea and coffee. Maybe it is because the kitchen is a place for gathering friends and family and I want that feeling to carry over into my blog. Whatever the reason, my office is my kitchen table and I have a feeling it will be that way for some time to come no matter how cool the office decor is at Target.  No fancy office nook for me, just my table, my lap top, and a warm beverage. The kitties will be either in a nearby chair or trying to wiggle on to my lap in the most distracting way possible. They are cats after all.

Despite my lack of an official office space I am excited to start treating my blog as a business. So I am going stop by target today and enjoy all the practical and yet attractive office supplies. On my list is a planning calendar to schedule blogging times and ideas for the month. Eventually, I hope to be able to lay out a plan for  a year. Also on my list is some kind of notebook or board to brainstorm topics for the blog. Since I work in my kitchen I only want things that can be easily stored out of sight once I am done working. I wonder if I could use my refrigerator as an inspiration board? Humm… Maybe, that would work if I could keep it looking warm and cozy.  Oh, I will also keep my eyes open for any cool pens because they make me smile.

I would love to hear your thought on where you work at home. Do you have an office space just for work or business?  If you are a blogger, where to you like to create your posts and organize your ideas? Do you have rituals such as making a cup of coffee or looking through inspirational magazines for ideas before you start to write? I would love to hear from you!

If I find anything I like I will post the pics on my Facebook page.

Until next time,



  • I have a desk – but using a desk is a fairly new thing for me. As a kid I used to do my homework sitting on the floor and later (as a teen and at uni) I used my bed! (Yes, I got biro marks on the sheets : \) I find it hard sitting at a desk, but since I started blogging I am happy to use the laptop this way. If I’m writing, I still like to sit on the floor!

    I’m really not a fan of stationary though, never have been. Probably a good thing – I think it can be an expensive habit! I find it a challenge to make notes in a notebook and not on the back of an old receipt. One thing I do find useful – I have a filofax : )

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  • Lol! I remember doing homework on my bed during my college years too 🙂 I like to write/Journal on my couch but I like the table for my computer. I love the idea of a Filofax. That may be something I purchase.

    Thanks for the Filofax idea and sharing your working and writing styles 🙂


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