Evaluating Goals: Why Do I Blog?

2014-04-18 13.58.33One of my goals for the next year is to continue to learn and grow as a blogger. As part of Word Press’s blogging 201 course, I was asked the question” Why do you blog.” Now, you would think that would be a simple question to answer but the question required some deep thought.

Until about a year and a half ago I wasn’t even aware of what blogging was. I read blogs all the time but I was not attuned to the fact it was a specific style of internet writing. I just looked up a subject I was interested in and dozens if not hundreds of articles would appear for me to choose from. I never gave it a second thought.

As time went on I began to notice that some of the articles I read were written by seemingly ordinary people with their own sites. They posted articles and wrote about topics they were interested in on a regular basis. These people were often very knowledgeable about their interests but the articles were not bogged down with research and data. Wow, what a concept. Then I cam across the term blog and the light bulb went on in my head. Once again I could claim knowledge of 21st century living.

Around the same time two other influences were shaping my decision to start a blog. I had recently finished a master’s degree in education. While pursuing my degree I discovered that I really loved to write. However, this was not an aspect of my personality I had developed and I was a little overwhelmed at where I might begin to perfect my writing skills and create my unique writing style. In addition, I came across several blogs that I absolutely loved. http://www.thesimplyluxuriouslife.com/ is my absolute favorite. When I reflect on why I love this site the answer became clear. Shannon Ables has clearly defined the life she wants to live and when you visit her site she not only gives you great advice and practical tips on how to create a luxurious life for  yourself but she makes you feel like stopping by her site is like stopping to have a chat  with a friend. http://dailyconnoisseur.blogspot.com/ . http://theglamoroushousewife.com/  also convey similar feelings.

The common themes between my favorite blogs were living a fulfilling and purposeful life and presenting an easy-going friendly voice to the readers. I, myself, was  working to create my own world of meaning and purpose and the seed was planted in my mind that rather than just journal in a notebook about the life I was creating  for myself since I turned 50, I could begin sharing my journey on a blog.  I knew that I would be rough around the edges in my writing style but the only way to learn is to begin.  So, Shortly before Thanksgiving 2013 I began my blog. I had no idea what I was doing, no previously written posts prepared, no master calendar created. Just me, 50 years and seven months old, with a pocket full of dreams, goals, and the seed of an idea.

I blog to share my journey and experiences with like-minded people, make connections with people from all around the country and the world, to find my writing voice and create a writing style unique to me, and for enjoyment. I do hope that my blog eventually gains more followers, I am sure every blogger does, but I have already met some really amazing and fascinating  people though blogging. If I have a few loyal readers that I build strong connections with that is pretty great too. 🙂  Will I ever want to move beyond blogging and into other forms of writing? I think eventually I will but for now blogging is just fine. It is keeping me learning and growing and for this stage of my  life  it is the perfect medium for me to express myself through words.



  • I like your writing voice 🙂

    I wish I could write as eloquently as you do. Writing have never been my forte. I have yet to find my writing voice, or for that sake figure out my blog and how to put it together. I have all these things and topics I’d like to write about (that might not fit the minimalist sometimes theme), I just hope I will be able to carve out some consistent time sometime soon, so that I can gather my thoughts and at least “start” on a better blog journey. But for the time being.. at least I’m hanging in there, with the occasional post here and there. And maybe someday… 😉

    And in the meantime – I will continue to enjoy your writings…


    • Thank you!
      I do like your voice. It is nice the way you describe each item, it’s history, sentimental value, and the reason why you are choosing to let it go, and the little “goodbye” each item gets. It is a nice touch because it gives readers a glimpse of who you are as a person. It makes stopping by the blog fun.
      Keep up the good work and if you branch out in your blogging endeavors, I will be sure to read. It is always a pleasure 🙂


      • Thank you 🙂 I hadn’t thought about it that way (that I had a kind off way of writing) but looking through my post, I think you are right. I’m so appreciative that you have taken the time to both read and comment, you just made my day! 🙂


  • Hi Laura, nice to read your blog. I too am over 50 and have embarked on a new challenge of blogging. It helps sometimes to just write things down I think! I am also in education but in a different setting to you, I work in a gaol, which has its various challenges. Keep writing and good luck with it all 😊


    • Hi Debz, Thank you!
      I am glad to met a fellow educator and blogger 🙂
      I am also into improving my health and physical fitness. It is a priority in my life!
      Your blog is very nice. What a creative idea to compare your life to your children’s lives at their age.
      Good luck to you on your blogging journey!


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