Single Living: Having A Bed To Yourself (Yes, It Has It’s Benefits!)


The realization first came to me several weeks ago. I was positioned quite purposely so that my two cats, Grace Ann and Rushette, could sleep in their special spots on the bed. I was about to fall asleep when I realized I would probably have to disrupt everyone’s comfort. Why did I think drinking tea after 7:00 p,m was a good idea?rose-1301595726lFw

A few minutes later I realized that I forgot to turn on my fan  so I got up again. I am freezing when I go to bed but I knew I would be burning up in a few hours. I have developed a sophisticated system of covering up with blankets while the fan blows on me so that whether I am freezing or sweating I can manage my body temperature as much as possible.

“OK, kitties are in their spots and the fan is on,Good. Maybe now I can get some sleep.” Then the coughing began.” Dang. I need to get a glass of water and my cough drops. Sorry kitties, I have to get up one more time. ”

After getting my water and cough drops I thought to myself ” Thank goodness I am not disturbing anyone else right now.” I went on thinking as I tossed and turned unable to get comfortable, “Maybe if I was married I would want my own room anyway for everyone’s comfort and benefit.”

Everyone likes to cuddle and be snuggled up with someone they love. There is no feeling quite like it. Ending your day with someone you love refreshes the mind and soothes the soul.Even so, as I get older I am grateful for the space and privacy when I want to rest. I know it is no picnic to try to sleep in the same space as me and a bet a few of you can relate to what I am talking about.

Always wanting to look at the positive,  I came up with several reasons to celebrate having the bed to yourself whether it is on occasion or as a way of life.

  • No need to justify why the cats/dogs are in the bed and why they look more comfortable than you do.
  • You can spread out and take up as much room as you want without fear of kicking or smacking someone. ( Well, except the pets, that is!)
  • Hogging the blankets is OK.
  • Hogging the blankets while a fan is blowing on you is even better.
  • You can drink as many glasses of tea or eat as many beans as you want and the only one that will suffer is you.
  • Playing music, reading, or anything else that helps you to fall asleep will not disturb anyone else.
  • No one will hear what you say in your sleep.
  • Beauty routines can be kept private.

So the next time you find yourself with the bed all to yourself, gather up the pets and your favorite book, turn on the fan, grab all the blankets, put on your special face cream, take up as much space as possible and enjoy. Oh, and if you happen to have a particularly spicy dream you can smile knowing it is between you and your subconscious!

Until next time,



  • I can definitely relate to this. Every night I inevitably lay down and then get up about 9 times per night before actually falling asleep:

    1. Use the restroom
    2. Get something to drink
    3. Feed the cat
    4. Remember to take my vitamin
    5. Wash my face
    6. Feet are cold, so I get socks
    7. Hungry, get a little snack
    8. Get a book to read
    9. Use the restroom one more time then fall asleep


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