Single Living: Miss Phryne Fisher, Fictional Inspiration

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Thanks to Netflix I have a new single heroine to look to for inspiration in living the single life. Miss Phryne Fisher from Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries. The series is great fun and is an inspiration as to how to live a passionate life as a single person. Miss Fisher is a thoroughly modern woman of the 1920;s Intelligent and independent, she is both well-bred and slightly scandalous at the same time. She is great fun to be around and charms those around her. Miss FIsher is a confirmed bachelorette and yet she is never at a loss for male attention. Yep, I want to be just like her.

I know Miss Fisher is a fictional character. Even so, I enjoy the inspiration .In order to create the life we want to live we first must be able to visualize what it is we hope to create, Fictional role models may seem a bit fanciful and impractical at first, but fictional characters get our creative juices flowing. When we watch story plots, fashions, home decor, and characters develop before our eyes it feeds our imagination. We can see little bits of ourselves in the characters we are watching on the screen or reading in a book and it inspires us to develop the things we like about our favorite characters in ourselves.

 Things I like about the character of Miss Fisher :

  • Her sense of style. She has impeccable taste.
  • Her intelligence
  • Her ability to use charm to her advantage. She lives in a man’s world and yet can be in control of any situation with total grace and poise.
  • Her ability to create a family out of people she can trust.
  • Her inner strength and refusal to be intimidated.
  • Her sleek gold pistol, always cleverly concealed.
  • Her flirtatious nature.
  • Her fun-loving and adventurous ways.
  • Her courage to life on her own terms.

The most important message I get from Miss Fisher is that she is single by choice and she lacks nothing in her life. She is fulfilled in everything she does and has plenty of romance and love.

How about you? Do you have any happily single characters from movies or books that inspire you? What characteristics do you think a happily single person should possess?

I would love to hear from you!

Until next time,









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