Single Living: No For Me

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Single Living Thursday 🙂rose-1301595726lFw

 In order to live out my out my motto  of finding  love, joy, and adventure in everyday living,  I am happy to address my life as a single woman with both its blessings and struggles.Whether you are currently single or happily in a relationship, I hope you find my experiences, thoughts, and adventures as a happily single woman interesting and informative.

No for me!

I would not be honest to myself or to others if I did not admit that I have fallen times into the trap of thinking that I should be trying to date somebody. 

Last year after watching a few too many Hallmark movies, I decided that I needed to put some effort into finding romance. Feeling adventurous, I  signed up for a brief period on  For three months I sifted through photos, read profiles, and fretted over how I was presenting myself to the public. I have to admit there were some fascinating people out there with fun hobbies and interests, some handsome men, and yes, some questionable creepy people. As much as I enjoyed looking at all of the profiles and receiving a  few emails, I just wasn’t that into the experience.  On-line dating is  not what I am looking for at this point in my life. Despite my lack of enthusiasm for the on-line dating process,  I was glad I did it because the experience taught me a lot about myself.

Here are some things I learned: 

  • Meeting people on-line can be both fun and scary.
  • Creating on line profiles for dating make me feel vulnerable.
  • It is very difficult to figure out a person’s true personality though email.
  • Meeting new people takes time. Serious dating takes serious time commitment.  I am not in that state of mind right now.
  • I am surrounded by love every day. I can share love at any time, romantic or not.
  • Romance is an attitude. Whether we are single or part of a couple, we can all make our lives more romantic.
  • I have created the life I am living and it is pretty darn good. I am going to be particular about who I share my this life with.
  • I like meeting people the old-fashioned way. I like chance encounters.
  • I enjoy being single.
  • I believe in love

How about you?  Whether you are married or single, have you ever tried on-line dating? Did you enjoy it? I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences on 21st century romance!

Until next time,



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