Valentines Day: Why I Celebrate The Day!

Happy Valentine”s Day, Everyone!


I have always enjoyed Valentine’s Day. I attribute this to my mom who made Valentine’s Day about love and not commercializing romance.

Growing up our house was decorated with hearts,  we woke up to small boxes of chocolate, and signing my Valentine’s cards for my classmates was a pleasant evening ritual.

I remember one Saturday Valentine’s Day when I was in middle school, my sister and I spent the whole afternoon decorating our apartment with hand-made posters and fixing my mom a special dinner for when she came home from work. She was so surprised and happy. I still remember the look on her face when she walked through the door. That is what the day and love is all about.

Yesterday was our Valentine’s celebration at school. Many students were so excited to share with me, their classmates, and classroom teachers. The best Valentine’s present of all came from a parent who told me her kindergarten aged daughter loved music and me. The little girl received a stuffed animal for Christmas and named the animal after me. I was so touched that I could feel the tears start in my eyes. I really needed to hear yesterday that I do have a positive influence on the kids I work with and that was a big Valentine from the universe.

Being a Valentines enthusiast I get a little sad at the cynicism surrounding the day. Valentine’s does not have to be commercialized in your home, nor it does not have to be for couples only. Valentines can serve us as a reminder to love everyone who we are blessed to have in our lives and to find romance in the little things whether we are single or part of a couple.

To spread the Valentine’ Day cheer, why not:

  • Wish everyone you come in contact with a good day
  • Thank people for what they bring to your life
  • Contact a friend or loved one who is far away
  • Make a special meal
  • Treat yourself to something special. A coffee, ice cream, or chocolate
  • Get a message, manicure, facial, or anything that makes you feel pampered
  • Check out some live music, art, or theater
  • Make some home-made decorations for your house
  • Make a treat for your pets
  • Bake something fresh to enjoy
  • Show some kindness to your neighbors

I wish everyone a very happy Valentine’s Day. XOXO

Until Next time,


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