Single Living: If You Live Alone, You’re Not Alone!

If you live alone you are not alone! The fact is that living an independent lifestyle is gaining in popularity. The number of people choosing to live alone is steadily rising in the US and around the world. The word on the streets is that more and more people are seeking out the single life. According to Eric Klinenberg’s book Going Solo: The Extraordinary Rise and Surprising Appeal of Living Alone, half of all American adults are single. One in seven of these adults lives alone. Many other western countries have even higher statistics. In Sweden, 47% of households have only one occupant.

Of course, living with a partner has many benefits and allures. Being single is not better than being a part of a couple. It is just different. Just as some people know from the time they are very young that they want to be a “mommy or daddy”, some people know early in life that they have a more independent nature. Still others find themselves single during certain phases of their life. Many people sing the praises of being a part of a couple. It is the assumed desired state of adulthood. More and more people are beginning to appreciate the benefits of being single, even if it is for a short period of time. Klinenberg’s studies found that single people are leading happy and fulfilling lives.

So, if you are recently single and wondering why you  should celebrate the opportunity to live alone, if you are currently enjoying your single life to the fullest,  or if you wonder what makes your single friends embrace their lifestyle, here are some insights into what makes singles smile about their world.

  • We are in complete charge of our lives. As singles we are the kings and queens of our castles. We do what we want, when we want, without compromise. No explanations are needed for our eccentricities. We can be ourselves without reservation.
  • We have grown to enjoy our own company. Many people are uncomfortable with themselves and will avoid being alone with their own thoughts at almost any cost. When you live alone, you get to know yourself very well. You learn what you love, what your weaknesses are, what your stresses and fears are, and what your greatest hopes and ambitions are leading you towards. When you truly know yourself you find that you are pretty good company and enjoy reading, hiking, painting, or watching TV with just you and your thoughts.
  • We are creative. Being single allows us to thrive in designing the life we envision for ourselves.
  • We are able to truly relax and rejuvenate ourselves in our homes free from distractions and the needs  of others.
  • We are strong and independent. We are able to confidently  make decisions about our lives and our futures.
  • We know that being single is always better than being in a bad relationship.

These are pretty good reason to celebrate the single life, don’t you think? Whether you are single or part of a couple, shine like the stars you are meant to be and embrace the stage of life you are at!  If you know someone who would benefit from my post, please fill free to share.

Here is an interview with Eric Klinenberg on his studies into the single life if you are interested.

Until next time,


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