Staycation, all I Ever Wanted!

reading and tea
reading and tea

Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax.” Mark Black

Ah, vacation. Mine is almost over and it has been wonderful. I never take vacations and time off for granted. I spent almost 20 years never having one, so I am always grateful for the rest and time to re- balance. As I was thinking about how I would like to spend my last weekend of freedom, the word staycation popped into my mind. Whoever came up with that word ( probably a mom on a budget) was a genius.

Enjoying life doesn’t have to always include exotic getaways, large amounts of money and planning. Often small things and little pleasures bring the greatest satisfaction. Staycations are a great way to wind down after a busy holiday season. They give us the chance to re-connect with our families or with ourselves after weeks of preparations, celebrations, and extra activities.

Staycations are easily tailored to you and your family. I have known people who camp with their families in their backyard or basement. Other friends have had movie marathons complete with theater style popcorn and snacks with lots of blankets to snuggle. One of my personal favorite staycations is investigating new restaurants and activities in my own town. Whatever staycation you create, make sure it is one that will give you the opportunity to relax, rejuvenate, and restore a sense of balance in your life.

My staycation will include catching up on my reading while enjoying some tea; enjoying a Charlie Chan mystery mini marathon with my kitties nearby ; a good workout and some time in the hot tube and saunas at my club; some card and candle making for an upcoming birthday; catching up with a couple of friends; and brunch at a new restaurant, yet to be determined. I can hardly wait to start the weekend.

Here are some tips for planning your staycation:

  • Determine what it is you or your family want to do
  • get any supplies or groceries you may need
  • Take care of chores and errands so that you can enjoy your freedom
  • Step away from electronics and clocks. Enjoy the present moment and don’t worry about time
  • .Be flexible if something comes up you want to try
  • Enjoy

What do you like to do to make your free time special? I would love to hear from you!

If you would like further reading on staycations, you may enjoy this blog from The Simply Luxurious Life

Until next time,


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