Love, Joy, and a Little Adventure in Holiday Preparations

It is the final weekend before Christmas and if you are like me, there is still a lot to take care of before Tuesday night. With all of the last minute details pulling us in every direction and into every crowed store, even the most selfless person can lose their patience and holiday cheer. As I prepare to do some last minute shopping, here are some ideas I came up with to keep the love and joy of the season close to my heart and perhaps find an everyday adventure as I navigate the crowds.

  • Spread holiday cheer. A smile and a friendly word go a long way this time of year. This can be your holiday gift to countless numbers of people. Consider taking somebody’s cart back to the store, allowing the lady with one small item go ahead of you in line, or letting someone else have the prime parking spot you just scored.
  • Cut yourself some slack. No one can do it all and most of use work well over 40 hours a week. New Years cards can spread just as much cheer as Christmas cards. Your neighbors will enjoy your cookies even more on December 29th when they have had time to digest their holiday dinners. If your presents are in a gift bag instead of a package that took 30 minutes of time and fifteen dollars of ribbon to wrap, it’s OK. Anything that causes you to become bitter or stressed is not worth it and defeats the original intent.
  • Check out the local merchants. Not only are these stores likely to be less crowded than Wal- Mart and Target, the down home atmosphere, unique gifts, and the support it gives the community are well worth it.
  • Take time out and treat yourself. It can be as simple as enjoying a coffee or frozen yogurt, catching a movie, listening to carolers, or driving around and looking at Christmas lights. The important thing is to relax and enjoy the moment amidst of all the hustle and bustle.
  • Do everything with love. No matter what your personal beliefs are, this season is about love.  It is the unconditional love of family, friends, humanity, and of something bigger than ourselves that drives us to celebrate this time of year. Love makes all that we do to get ready for the holidays worthwhile.

Until next time, enjoy your holiday preparations!


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