To Paint Or Not To Paint

I am a frustrated artist. In my fantasy world I am a fabulous painter, sculptor and photographer. In reality I do best with stick figures. Still, I dream of molding clay into something that is worth displaying or finding a beautiful landscape to spend the afternoon painting a work that might sell in a local gallery or at least need no explanation if hung in my home.

I may, or may not, be able to take art classes in the future to help me satisfy my need to create. In the meantime what can I do to help scratch my creative itch?

Well, to start my 50th year off right I came up with the ultimate no fail art plan. I signed my family and good friend Tracey up for a night of Picasso and Wine in Windsor Colorado. This is a full proof method that several businesses have tried over the past few years. Artists give step by step instructions to the artistically challenged on how to produce a painting with lots of assistance and a little bit of wine.  It was a total blast.  My painting hangs proudly in my kitchen as a permanent reminder of my 50th birthday, important people in my life, and the need to create. It may even give Dogs Playing Poker or the famous clown face paintings a run for the money. Yep, I am a high achiever!

There is a ceramic class I am hoping to take after the holidays, schedule permitting. I would like to know what some of your creative undertakings have been, or what you would like to try. One thing is clear to me: we need to create for the sake of creating and not worry about the end result. It is the creative process that makes us human and helps us grow to our fullest potential.

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