Seize The Day

Several years ago there was a movie called “The Bucket List”. I never saw the movie but the title resonated something deep inside me. The idea of a bucket list inspired me to find an adventurous activity to experience each summer. First, there was indoor skydiving; the following summer it was whitewater rafting; followed by a balloon ride, and this year it was zip lining in the Rockies.

While trying to experience the traditional bucket list activities, I noticed a very pleasant change in how I was spending my free time. Big adventures were great but I was starting to venture outside my regular activities and find adventure in smaller ways as well. I became a hiker. It wasn’t planned, it was a natural evolution. My love of nature and physical activity, combined with the desire to see new things, began to call me to get up into the hills as often as possible. I started fining all kinds of wonderful things in my area that I used to drive or walk by without giving much thought or notice. This past summer, a walk through the town of Eaton  lead me to discover a little French shop, The French Corner , and an unexpected  stop in Windsor lead me to experience Nana Bea’s, a great little coffee and ice cream shop where I was fortunate to be held up during a tornado warning for over an hour.

Adventure is an essential ingredient to living a meaningful life.  Adventure forces us to step out of our comfort zone face our fears, and challenge our perceptions of the world around us.  Adventure is above all a state of mind; it is openness to ideas and experiences and a desire to learn and grow.  What are some of your adventures? Have you tried a new activity or attempted a new sport or hobby recently?

Until next time everyone, carpe diem. Seize the day!

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